Dior cover

The brand was created in late 1946 by the fashion designer Christian Dior with the financial support of Marcel Boussac, a rich textile business man.  Initially, creating a dress only took 3 meters of fabric, but for Christian Dior 20 ...

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How to Wear a French Beret like Parisians


Have you recently watched the TV show « Emily in Paris » on Netflix ? It tells about the American IT girl in her 20s, Emily Cooper, as she lands her dream marketing job in the city of love. When she arrives in Paris for her new ...

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Breakfast at Rosalie’s

Pain au chocolat

The breakfast is a daily routine to have a good start in the morning.  France is well known for its pastries and breakfast pastries “viennoiseries” .  The French traditional breakfast includes different combinations (mainly ...

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Hermès, the luxury brand


A family owned label for five generations Thierry Hermès, established a harness workshop in Paris that served the wealthy noblemen of Europe in 1837 ; Hermès made high quality, wrought iron harness and bridles for the carriage ...

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The Kiss at the turning point …


As France is going through the Covid-19 outbreak, it has impacted on our everyday’s life – particularly on social life and the simple way of greeting from now on… If hugging is common greeting in the US among friends and family, ...

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Holidays Season in France


What are the special dishes for Christmas dinner ? During Christmas season, there are many activities in Paris ; such as Christmas markets, iceskating, or musical shows, to entertain you at every corners of the city. This period of ...

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