What makes French butter so addictive?


There is no good pastry, without good butter ! If you’ve ever had a French croissant or even a bit of bread with a healthy pat of French butter, you know that there’s something better about it that is unique.  Some people even consider ...

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Flan with sweet concentrated milk


An easy and fast recipe for 6 people Ingredients : A can of sweet concentrated milk A same measure of regular milk 3 big eggs Vanilla bean 100 gr of sugar for the caramel The caramel : pour the sugar in a small saucepan, with a little ...

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Master a classic French afternoon treat


First mentioned in a cookbook in 1755, we may guess that Madeleines were already popular at that time. These fluffy, shell-bottomed golden sponges are a delight.  These cakes are one of my favorites to bake.  Therefore,  I am sharing ...

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Pastries in Paris


Since a few years, high end pastry becomes more and more a hype in France. Renowned pastries are overcrowded with customers, we should get in line for hours to have the privilege to eat those desserts. Grand chefs successfully sell ...

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Les Crêpes, the French pan cakes


Each year, the crêpes festival takes place on February 2nd , a date which corresponds to 40 days after Christmas : Chandeleur day – the word comes from the « candles festival”.  In the 5th century, this celebration represents ...

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