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Since a few years, high end pastry becomes more and more a hype in France. Renowned pastries are overcrowded with customers, we should get in line for hours to have the privilege to eat those desserts. Grand chefs successfully sell their books as well. Where does this success come from ? If high end pastries definitively belongs to luxury world, it implies a luxury that is more affordable (compared to gastronomic restaurants). As, a pastry costs about 10 euros at Fauchon, it makes an accessible pleasure. What are the main trends at the « haute pâtisserie » ?

Pastries chefs have to create new compositions or reinterpret traditional recipes.  Therefore, the dedication to creativity brings pastry closer to an expression of art, like haute couture designer. This comparison shows that pastry chefs aim to create new desserts that are both visually attractive and tasting good.

For example, pastry chefs and chocolates chefs use shapes and colors harmony which remind pictural productions and modern architectures. Depending on the seasonal fruits availability, they regularly launch new collections of pastries.

Finally, recent work of arts are : the notorious macarons from Pierre Hermé, the minimalist style from the japanese Sadaharu Aoki, the fruits cakes from the world champion Cédric Grolet, the marble cake from the Ritz Carlton chef François Perret, to name just a few.

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