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The French style: Longchamp bags

Longchamp is a French leather goods company, created in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, still owned by the same family. It is renowned for handbags, travel items, and fashion. The brand is sold worldwide. The name Longchamp comes from a chic 16th area in Paris.

The beginning

In the 1960s, air transportations started to develop with the building of airports in Paris. So, the Longchamp founder decided to open his first shop there for his traveling bag lines. It was an immediate success. Since then the image of the brand is associated with travel and aircraft.  One of the innovations of the brand is the use of nylon canvas, as mostly used in the army for lightness purposes.

The iconic bag

In 1993, Longchamp launched it brand new bag model : Le Pliage. The best seller bag in the world. This bag is caracterized by a trapeze shape, a colourful nylon canvas,  a leather bag cove, with a nice button. It is inspired by japanese origami art, as it can be easily folded and unfolded.

Nowadays, you can create custom made Pliage bags, or fully leather. In order to attract customers’ interests, Longchamp launches 6 new colors every 6 months, in addition to the classics ; the creations comes from young and trendy designers.

 The handy bag

I admit that every French woman has at least a Longchamp bag at home. I have many of them for every occasion as they are handy and at very affordable price. Although, Fifth Sacks sells them way too expensive !

I used to wear the large one at the shoulder when I was a student to bring my notes and books. Now, I like wearing the medium size for shopping so that I can store many items and have free hands. I always use the XL size for week ends get aways as they are light and easy to pack. For travelling, I often put one Pliage bag in my suitcase to use when needed. You know that you are French with a Longchamp bag, it definitively adds a classy style to everyday look.

How about you, do you already have a Longchamp bag ?