Reboosting my hair during Autumn

Hermes scarves

Even if I love fall season particularly in Québec, I must admit that when the days become shorter and the sky is grey, I tend (as everyone is) to feel a little bit down that mood reflects on my dull complexion that lost its summer tan ...

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Mineral water as a therapy


In France, even if tap water is good; most people drink only bottled water. This is probably thanks to many natural springs inherited from its geographical advantages such as Evian, Vittel,  Perrier, Vichy and many more. We can still ...

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Essential oils and natural immunology


Spring time has arrived and many colourful and design diffusers flowrish in the shops, this encouraged me to learn more about natural ways to reinforce our immunology system.  As we all know,  a good eating habits and maintaining ...

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French Natural Beauty Products in Pharmacy


France has always been a capital of fashion and beauty since Queen Marie-Antoinette. She was admired for her grace and beauty in Versailles, that she took care with a certain coquetry. She revolutionizes cosmetics practices at that ...

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My skin routine in winter


I come from Paris, an « ocean type » climate with continental influence. This means hot with a bit of humidity in summer, mild temperature with rain in winter. Besides the nice weather, Paris embodies the capital of cosmetic products ...

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