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Even if I love fall season particularly in Québec, I must admit that when the days become shorter and the sky is grey, I tend (as everyone
is) to feel a little bit down that mood reflects on my dull complexion that lost its summer tan and my hair becomes flat too. We should therefore take care of ourself during this period of the year !

So, let me reveal you my hair care routine : the products that I use on daily basis, shampoos, brush,  and accessories…

What is your hair type ?

I have asian black hair, thick to very thick (inherited from my father) and rather dry – like my skin !

So, I do have a natural volume but I like curling them at the tips after each shower. I try to take care of my hair but it is naturally dry. In
addition to blowdry, I have to nourish it even more. Using natural products is important to me, most of them are sold in Pharmacy, a guarantee of quality.

I have black hair and it is boring sometimes.  I got recently influenced by my friends from Canada who have colorful and bright hair. So, I decided to highlight it to add some lights but also to hide my recent grey hair. Even  only 1 grey hair became an obsession.

I only have my hair permed once a year, it helps for the brushing every day. I also have it highlighted by the hairdresser once a year.

My hair routine and favorite products

Let’s talk about the routine at home and accessories that I use on daily basis.


I wash my hair every 2 or 3 days, depending on the seasons, my activities, etc. Due to the nature of my hair, I love using René FUTERERs products for many years. Their key ingredients are of natural origin. They are specialised in hair care as they dedicated to researches in laboratories.

Same type of products, PHYTO and KLORANE are good quality products for our hair too.

Personally, I use Furterer’s Okara Color shampoo that preserves my highlight shiny nuances, I use alternatively Futerer’s Karité Hydra ( Hydrating Ritual hydrating shine ) shampoo to protect my scalp. During autumn season, my dull hair has the tendency to fall like leaves ? … So,  I use Phyto’s densifying treatment shampoo – extracted from Gingko Biloba.

I do not particularly use a conditioner because I loose patience I guess but I use restructurant repair mask instead that can be applied directly after shampoo, it is called Miracle Hair Mask from ELENATURE : Natural – Bio-Vegan that fight against environmental stress ;  its composition is clean : sulfate free, silicone free, mineral free

Before Blowdry, my favorite products

Choosing the right shampoo, conditioner and mask is important but the secret for beautiful hair is also choosing the right product to brush your hair, maintaining it, protecting it against external agressions ( sun, pollution and hairdryer…)

As my hair is permed, I look like « Jane » from Tarzan after a shower if I don’t blow dry. I discovered a foam that helps to give volume, keep nice curls in place and shiny hair for a few days. I use Futerer’s Volumea, Volume enhancing ritual, which I apply on wet hair before  blow drying.

Ultime Elixir Oil from Kérasta

It is probably the hair care product that I use for a long time ! I apply it daily in the morning at the tips to nourish and keep the hair shiny aspect.  It is not oily and it helps to keep the shape of the curls very well.

Maintaining the curl

I don’t use a hairdryer but instead I use a curler brush from Babyliss. It allows me to have curly hair nearly as nice as at the hairdresser !  As I prefer having loose curls, I brush my hair after curling them to create a natural aspect.

And you , what are your secrets for keeping your hair healthy ?