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Discover our exclusive boxes of carefully selected « made in France » items such as cosmetics, decoration for your home, fashion accessories, delicacies and many more … that add some French touch to your daily life !

Our « à la carte » boxes offer you a large choice of items to create your own box at your budget. So, pick what you want, when you want and where you want it be shipped.  You can see the goodies at the pictures below.  Please contact us for the details.

—  « Crazy Rich French » Box  —

Fine Grocery

Delicacies with truffes : salt, oil, honey, paté

A pot of jam with fruits or rose petals etc (+/-300g), or pot of lavender honey (+/-300g) chestnut spread (+/-300g)

Gavottes biscuits, herbal tea for digestion, selection of chocolates

French Fashion accessories

Fancy Jewels from french designer « Les Nereides »

Twilly scarf from Hermes

A « pliage » bag from Longchamp

For your home

Scented candle from Diptyque

Cosmetics & Wellness

Cosmetics creams from l’Occitane, Fragonard, Caudalie, La Mer, La Prairie, or other brands

lipsticks from Guerlain, Dior, etc

—  Gourmet box ( 85 Euros)  

French Gourmet Pâtés from Comtesse du Barry 4x70g, 1Maggi (250g),  1″Bretel » butter can (250g),  1 pot of Jam (+/-300g), 2 tablets of chocolates, 1 box of biscuits.

How to order my box ?

Fill in the contact form @the last page of the blog with your comments

 Get into our membership to receive our gourmet boxes (pâtés, maggi, butter, jam, chocolates, biscuits) as often as you wish upon request.

*** Free shipping fees for order over 200 Euros***

                                      *** Shipping fees up to 2 kg is around 30 Euros, up to 5 kg is 46 Euros ***