Breakfast at Rosalie’s

Pain au chocolat

The breakfast is a daily routine to have a good start in the morning.  France is well known for its pastries and breakfast pastries “viennoiseries” .  The French traditional breakfast includes different combinations (mainly ...

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Scarves from Hermès


Hermès scarves This post follows the one I wrote about the history of Hermes house and its famous handbags. The house is also well known for its « carrés » Hermes, which appeared in 1937. They were all produced in an Hermes factory ...

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Flan with sweet concentrated milk


An easy and fast recipe for 6 people Ingredients : A can of sweet concentrated milk A same measure of regular milk 3 big eggs Vanilla bean 100 gr of sugar for the caramel The caramel : pour the sugar in a small saucepan, with a little ...

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Essential oils and natural immunology


Spring time has arrived and many colourful and design diffusers flowrish in the shops, this encouraged me to learn more about natural ways to reinforce our immunology system.  As we all know,  a good eating habits and maintaining ...

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Master a classic French afternoon treat


First mentioned in a cookbook in 1755, we may guess that Madeleines were already popular at that time. These fluffy, shell-bottomed golden sponges are a delight.  These cakes are one of my favorites to bake.  Therefore,  I am sharing ...

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What souvenir food to bring back home ?


One of the main reason people travel to France is, of course, the food. While we’d all love to bring home a personal French chef to recreate all our favorite French dishes or pastries, here are some ideas to make the French taste last ...

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Hermès, the luxury brand


A family owned label for five generations Thierry Hermès, established a harness workshop in Paris that served the wealthy noblemen of Europe in 1837 ; Hermès made high quality, wrought iron harness and bridles for the carriage ...

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The Kiss at the turning point …


As France is going through the Covid-19 outbreak, it has impacted on our everyday’s life – particularly on social life and the simple way of greeting from now on… If hugging is common greeting in the US among friends and family, ...

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French Natural Beauty Products in Pharmacy


France has always been a capital of fashion and beauty since Queen Marie-Antoinette. She was admired for her grace and beauty in Versailles, that she took care with a certain coquetry. She revolutionizes cosmetics practices at that ...

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