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French Natural Beauty Products in Pharmacy

France has always been a capital of fashion and beauty since Queen Marie-Antoinette. She was admired for her grace and beauty in Versailles, that she took care with a certain coquetry. She revolutionizes cosmetics practices at that time, which basically consisted in covering up the dirt and bad smells.

A bit of history…

In the 18th century, beauty was significant in terms of blush and perfume. At that time, Parfumes were not dedicated to enhance beauty or serve for seduction purposes. They were mainly used to hide bad smells… People don’t often take a bath, however, they do spray perfume on: gloves, hair, handkerchiefs…Same usage with blushes (made of mercury salt)as they were used to cover up imperfections of the skin due to dirt, but rather than make someone looked good, in someway the skin looked worse with the accumulation.

At Marie-Antoinette arrival in Versailles in 1770 at the age of 14; she actually revolutionized beauty based on natural components such as plants extracts.

To help you look like a French woman in a natural way, we’ve gather in this blog some French beauty products from many cult favorite brands: Avene, La Roche-Posay, Nuxe, Darphin, l’Occitane etc.. Those products are exclusively sold in Pharmacies as a guaranty of quality. According to the French law, it is forbidden to promote medicine. However, cosmetic cream and natural component products are considered as additional care products.

—Please note that I have no partnership of whatsoever. I enjoy using natural products and only share my personal experiences.—

The relaxing lavander oil

The natural relaxing power of lavender is well-known and used since Antiquity. It allows to soften the tensions, calm down and bring
peacefulness. A little massage with lavender oil facilitates your sleep.

Its composition also contains a hint of sesame oil and sweet almond, ideal for softness and hydratation. The icing on the cake ? Applied daily, this treatment firms the skin.


Beauty Water contains extracts of precious plants and 100% natural ingredients.

Green grapes for hydration and radiance, peppermint to wake up the complexion, a single spray and our face is deliciously radiant and firm.

This treatment can be used at anytime of the day: in the morning or during the day to tone up, in the evening after removing your make up. Make_up artists love it for fixing star makeup right after applying the foundation.

The Biafine

We can find it in all the pharmacies in France to treat small sores. I personnally use it when I got burnt when cooking…. The soothing power of this cream is based on its flagship ingredient : the active ingredient Trolamine.

When spread generously, it calms down, allowing the skin to regenerate more rapidly. It is also used to accelerate the disappearance of unsightly skin marks left by acne pimples.

The hydrating cream

Elected Best Organic Product of 2020, Weleda Skin Food restorative moisturizer is a real comforter for    the skin. The restorative and softening properties of its herbal composition work miracles. You can find: Organic calendula, chamomile, wild pansy…