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My skin routine in winter

I come from Paris, an « ocean type » climate with continental influence. This means hot with a bit of humidity in summer, mild temperature with rain in winter. Besides the nice weather, Paris embodies the capital of cosmetic products and gastronomy ! These factors help me to maintain a clean and nice skin (despite of  pollution).

Since I lived in Québec, the negative temperatures in winter (-20 C°), very dry heater inside take a toll on my skin. Therefore, I have a beauty routine to take care of my skin adapted to each season.

I am sharing with you the products that I am using or tested to protect my skin in winter. I am using the daily mosturizing from Bioderma. This brand is sold in French pharmacies.

I have a dry skin at the face and very dry skin over the body in winter, and I really have to pay attention. It is really in Canada, that I can feel the efficiency of the cream as my skin becomes softer, mosturized and comfortable since the first application.

When I wake up, I can feel the dryness of the heater over my skin. However, people often neglect the fact that at night, the skin also needs to get mosturised. This is actually when it gets regenerated.

So, I use the Intense Dermatological Mosturizer –Ultra Overnight from La Roche-Posay, after cleaning up my face. The cream is made from thermal spring water, fragrance free and sold in French pharmacies. It smooth texture insures a good protection of the dry skin night after night.

Due to the nature of my skin, I have to drink often and adopt a routine to keep it moist, clean and young !