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Holidays Season in France

What are the special dishes for Christmas dinner ?

During Christmas season, there are many activities in Paris ; such as Christmas markets, iceskating, or musical shows, to entertain you at every corners of the city.

This period of time is also an opportunity for family and friends to gather around a good diner table.

Gastronomy is culturally important in France. This is also one of the best time to visit, as most markets, groceries stores and restaurants boast their most extravagant display and dishes.

The christmas dinner in France

Traditionally, foie gras (goose or duck liver), oysters, snails, smoked salmon are on the menu to share in a friendly spirit. The chesnut stuffed turkey is a French traditional  dish on Christmas eve diner. It usually goes with sautéed potatoes.

In Alsace region (Eastern), cinnamon and honey biscuits are typical with hot wine during cold winter. They take different shapes : Christolles represent Christmas characters (a new born baby, a star, a christmas tree, a cross etc.)  While the Manneles look like bretzels… Since the16th century, at Saint Nicolas day ( December 5th) ginger bread biscuits are perfect as gifts.

Chocolates are also part of the festivities. The most famous cake is the Christmas yule log.

Whether as an icecream or as a cake, each year the greatest pastry chefs in Paris are competing with creativity and taste for the delight of everyone to conclude beautifully  the dinner with Champagne !

After the Christmas celebration, it’s the turn of the epiphany.

Epiphany or « the Kings Day » is a christian celebration of the three kings paying a visit to Jesus, the new born. Epiphany comes from greek Epiphaneia, which means « happening » ; thus the 1st Sunday of the new year celebrates the happening of God among men.

On 1st Sunday of the new year, French people celebrate the Fête des Rois, or the Three Kings’ Day (Epiphany) with a cake . It is a flaky pastry filled with almond cream , So, pastries usually sell during all january long, the special cake with a surprise Inside (a tiny figurine) with a paper crown.. Whoever gets the piece with the surprise gets to be the king, he can also nominate his queen  for the day!

Therefore, Christmas season is a period to enjoy with family and friends with a perfect diner, be careful of putting on weight though ! 

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