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Pain au chocolat

The breakfast is a daily routine to have a good start in the morning.  France is well known for its pastries and breakfast pastries « viennoiseries » .  The French traditional breakfast includes different combinations (mainly sweet) :

  • A fresh slice of baguette, with butter and a good jam
  • Typical breakfast pastries such as the pain au chocolat, the croissant au beurre, the escargot or pain au raisin, the brioche, the chausson au pomme ( apple turnover) , crêpes (pancakes) and just to name a few …
  • A fresh orange juice
  • A hot tea, coffee, or chocolate

Parisian cafés often propose a breakfast formula for only 5 euros for those who want to take a break before going to work.

The French brunch is composed of a larger variety of goodies, mainly served on week ends between 10 am till 3 pm, it includes traditional breakfast components (sweet) added with a dish around eggs and desserts with fresh fruits and pastries. However, some restaurants or hotels often offer a complete menu including cheese, different types of hams, even oysters and champagne ! The best places to go are the ones which serve home made breakfast with local products. Brunches are mainly a good opportunity to meet up with friends and family around a buffet or a complete meal.

In a next article, I will talk about the French butter, jam and tea.