What souvenir food to bring back home ?

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What souvenir food to bring back home ?

One of the main reason people travel to France is, of course, the food. While we’d all love to bring home a personal French chef to recreate all our favorite French dishes or pastries, here are some ideas to make the French taste last longer when you miss the City of Light.

What to bring back ? The list of options is exhaustive, but many enjoy having special delicacies that are difficult to find or very expensive back home.

As I have family and friends in the US and in Canada, I often have a list of food to shop as gifts before flying to my vacation destination there :

LU biscuits, is a French brand of biscuits from the city of Nantes. The Petit Beurre is the symbol of the brand, their Madeleines are also very good ; not to forget the crispy crêpes Gavottes that every one enjoy eating, chocolates and jams.

La Vosgienne, candies made from pine sap for sore throat (created by a French pharmacist).

Last but not least, the macarons from maison Ladurée or Pierre Hermé.

Some of the best food souvenirs in Paris are salt from Guérande, mustard from Dijon, butter from Brittany or Normandy region, cheese and items with truffle such as salt, olive oil, and pâté.  Not to forget : Wine and Champagne are the must have in your suitcase.

Of course, it is inportant to know what kind of foods you can or not bring back to your home country : usually it’s unopened and commercially packed are recommended.

Whether you are a sweet tooth, a French food lover or enjoy wine and champagne, We offer you ideas to fill a personalised box. Please share with us your taste and we can meet your wishes !